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Dickinson City Projects

Welcome to our Dickinson, ND City Serve ND page. Click on the projects listed below for more information or register to be a part!

City Serve 2023 Projects take place Wednesday, May 31st- Friday, June 2nd. 


Dickinson Mustang Baseball- Concessions

Must be 16 or older


We have partnered with Dickinson Mustang Baseball to help them with their concessions stand for their travel teams. This will involve taking money and handling food.

Dickinson Mustang Baseball- Concessions.png

Wednesday- Saturday

Taking Pictures of Projects Happening

Must be 16 or older

We would love to be able to document all of the things happening in the community during this week of serving. If this is something you enjoy doing we would greatly appreciate your help. A team leader will be contacting you to let you know when/where projects will happen.


Thursday & Saturday

Dickinson Parks and Recreation Clean Up

Family Friendly

We have partnered with Dickinson Parks and Recreation. A great need for them currently is the cleanup of debris at Patterson Lake. They are asking that we assist with clean up around the main entrance area and along the beach, around the game and fish boat ramp, and the sound boat ramp area. We will be doing the game and fish boat ramp Thursday evening and Saturday the rest.

Park Clean Up.png


Mustang Baseball Complex Clean-up

Family Friendly


We have partnered alongside Mustang Baseball to help them do some maintenance for their complex. This will involve helping clean up the grounds around the baseball fields.

Mustang Baseball Complex Clean- Up.png


Food for BBQ/ Worship Night

We are hosting a prayer and worship service to pray for our community and worship God for all he has done! We are looking for those who would be willing to donate hotdogs, hotdog buns, ketchup/mustard/relish, paper plates, napkins, bottled water, and single-serving chips. Once you sign up for this event a team leader will call you and ask what items you would like to bring.

Food for BBQWorship Night.png
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